Holistic Treatment Procedure


What is NAET:

It is not surprising to see several people being allergic to something, while many others don’t even notice any problem with the same thing. In other words, something may put Immune system of some people, into a” Frenzy of slight to even Life-threatening reactions” to eliminate the allergen. while the Immune System of others may not even perceive the presence of that Allergen at all, and without bringing any morbidity or interference with their life.

A repeated assault of such an Allergen, at times may disrupt the working of normal Immunity to the extent that It starts killing even normal body cells of the Allergic individuals. That may be evident by the presence of “Auto-Immune Diseases”.

NAET is a” No injection, No Drug”, Holistic Treatment procedure to manage Allergies.

Kinesiological Muscle Strength Testing, Special communicative Massage around the Spine, and Ancient Technique of Acupuncture and Homeopathy are collectively used during a treatment session, to” reset” the response of one’s Immune System for a Given Allergen. With such “repetitive Calming” signals to the Nervous Systems, the over reaction of the Immune System to that Allergen is brought to the Non reactivity level similar to that of a Nonallergic Individuals.

This Non-invasive physical procedure simply retrains the Immune System to stay Calm and non-jumpy, enabling us to start having the Joys of an Outdoor Life and Cherish the Foods We love, in the presence of our Pets without any allergy.