Brad PitzeleBrad Pitzele
23:22 24 Aug 23
I want to thank Eastern Wisdom Acupuncture for helping my child overcome food allergies. When we came to them, my child would get diarrhea when she ate certain foods like gluten, dairy, certain dishes, etc. We had to really limit her diet or else she paid the price. It took a toll on her because she did not get to enjoy the foods her peers got.Within a couple sessions she started seeing great benefits. Now she is basically allergy free and she can eat school lunches, indulge in pizza, etc. No issues. She can eat one of her favorite foods - eggs and is now even a fried egg chef :)Thanks guys for giving my.child her quality of life back. So amazing what can be done.
00:00 24 Aug 23
Eastern Wisdom Accupuncture clinic is truly a blessing in disguise. A couple months ago I started to have some shoulder issues but didn’t want to take medication to manage it. I wanted to heal the issue with a holistic approach. So I started to look for accupuncture clinics in the area and I came across Eastern Wisdom Accupuncture. Since then I have done about 2-3 treatments per month and feel great but I noticed a huge difference within the first couple treatments itself. I believe in holistic healing and these accupuncture treatments have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend accupuncture to anyone looking to heal without medication and I definitely recommend this clinic and Dr. Mahlaqa who is a wonderful caring person and extremely knowledgeable in her practice.
Tom AugustineTom Augustine
23:29 08 Feb 23
The acupuncture was very helpful in significantly reducing my neck pain. I have had chronic neck pain for 30 years. The acupuncture treatment reduced the pain and stiffness after 2 visits. I was surprised at how fast the procedure worked.
Brandonlee MogoBrandonlee Mogo
14:31 27 Oct 22
Had a horrific accident about 5 months ago. My back was torn up from whiplash, however through these doctors, they have healed me using the practices of acupuncture, specialized massage, cupping, and natural energy remedies. I would like to thank the awesome team behind all the motives to make me healthy again without the use of any typical over the counter medication. Well done & I fully recommend them for any/all body afflictions.
Michelle “Lux” LMichelle “Lux” L
17:19 13 Sep 22
This is my favorite place for acupuncture! I have been coming here for many things like anxiety, headaches, acne, and back pain. Acupuncture has tremendously helped with my healing journey for each of my concerns. I am so grateful that most of these issues have been completely healed or slowly improving!They truly care about you here and provide effective care. I highly recommend this clinic and acupuncture in general for anyone that is considering it. Acupuncture is life changing!Thank you!!!
Mandy HedrickMandy Hedrick
17:06 17 May 22
I friend referred me to Easter Wisdom Acupuncture for my severe GERD/acid reflux and anxiety. I honestly was a little skeptical about acupuncture going in but was still open to the experience. I have been seeing the doctors for 6 weeks and haven’t had any reflux issues and my anxiety is greatly reduced!! I’m sleeping better and feeling overall more relaxed and peaceful. The doctors are so kind and caring and I couldn’t recommend them more!
Margaret MitchellMargaret Mitchell
00:39 15 Nov 21
I went to Dr. Malaqa for leg pain that I had bern dealing with for 9 months. I had tried cortisone injections, pain killers, 3 months of physical therapy without getting relief. After one session I experienced a drop in my pain level. After 3 sessions my pain is nearly gone. Dr. Malaqa explains everything very well and is a very caring doctor. I highly recommend her.
pedram bmpedram bm
23:59 31 Jul 21
Dr. Mahlaqa is amazing! I felt positive effects from my first treatment. She's incredibly kind and she was so insightful in regards to my health. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Feda AdiFeda Adi
03:00 04 May 21
I came in today to get relief for my frozen shoulders. I was in so much pain and lack of mobility in both arms were hindering my normal movements. I was not disappointed! Dr. Qureshi explained everything to me every step of the way in detail before the acupuncture. She completed an energy exam to assess my weak areas. I was nervous about the needles but the actual procedure preformed acupuncture through out my body. After the procedure most of my pain went away and I had better flexibility and moment in my arms. I will definitely be back! Thank you Dr. Qureshi!
Ls GLs G
02:50 24 Mar 21
Great service, they answered all my questions, asked several questions to get to the bottom of what is causing the pain, questions that I didn't even consider. Felt very comfortable, I was able to relax during the acupuntura session and feeling so much better now. After trying all sorts of creams and meds and going to the chiropractor nothing seemed to help the lower back pain. After one session I was able walk with less pain.
Tracy TicknorTracy Ticknor
14:37 02 Mar 21
Wonderful place to go. She is very knowledgeable and can help you tremendously. I have referred several friends to her. I tried many Chiropractors and Accupuncture was the best solution.



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